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 Youth FOOTBALL (Grades 2-6)

This is a full contact camp yet the emphasis is put on fundamentals, learning individual positions, principles of Football, sportsmanship and fun ( each night ends with a flag football tournament ).We believe it is a great opportunity for your son to get real Football instruction by coaches with over 20 years of experience coaching at all levels (including youth). The Head coaches from West and East will not only be directing the camp but giving hands on individual instruction to your son. Many of the varsity assistants will be on hand as well and some Varsity players will aid the coaches. We have received tremendous positive feedback from the parents and players at last year’s camp and will use the same format this year. We understand the summer is very busy, but the Youth Football season will begin the week after the camp thus providing your son with a “lead up" experience. The Youth Football leagues in the town of Smithtown are the key to building an outstanding Football program in our public schools. As the strength of our youth programs continues to grow, we feel we are starting to see, positive results at the high school level. We look forward to working with our young players in Smithtown Youth Football and The Saint James/ Nesconset Youth Football League.                               

Date: 7/10-7/14


Time: 4:30pm-8:00pm


Location: HS East


Grades: 2-6


Cost: $175.00



Upper Middle School & High School Football Camps (Grades 7-12)

This year the Smithtown West and East coaching staff are each running a Preseason Mini-Camp. This will be a contact camp and every player will be issued a helmet and shoulder pads prior to camp.  The practice sessions and drills will involve some contact to make them more realistic and give the kids a game-like effect.  The mini-camp is designed to be instructional, with a focus on teaching the fundamentals of blocking and tackling, as well as the fundamentals and techniques needed to play each individual position on the field.  The offensive and defensive systems to be used during the season will be installed during the camp. The mini-camp will give us the opportunity to be hands-on with every player, and spend valuable time giving them the extra coaching they need.

Remember to hydrate!  Bring sneakers every night due to threat of rain.


Stephen Fasciani, Smithtown HS West Varsity Head Coach

Jonathan Woods, Smithtown HS East Varsity Head Coach

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Program: HS West/Accompsett MS
Date: 7/31- 8/4


Location: HS West
Grades: 7-12
Cost: $175.00







Program: HS East/Great Hollow MS/Nesaquake MS
Date: 6/26- 6/30
Time: 4:30pm-8:00pm
Location: HS East
Grades: 7-12
Cost: $175.00